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"Thanks for all your help in creating a wonderful brochure and proposal." TTIAmerica/Arbor Education & Training

project description:
trade show brochure and proposal design

Your message delivered with expert art direction and design for advertising, brochures, catalogues, and direct mail. Concept and strategy created specifically to promote your product or service in new and eye-catching ways!

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What's the best way to make your retail & B2B catalogues shine? Begin with strong photography that tells the story of your product. Always shoot the images at as high as resolution as possible, so that you don't limit yourself when it's time to print. Never crop in the camera - it limits your layout options and the recycle-ability of your images.

Want compelling consumer advertising & direct mail? What's the secret to making someone respond to your ad? Tell a story that involves your viewer. What else do you need? Ad placement services, specs, ad reformatting per each publication, consistent insertion, and targeted publications.

Brochures and annual reports can be exciting while informing! Introduce your company with a captivating dialogue that let's them meet the real "you." When photos, layouts, and copy editing are smoothly integrated they deliver your message and keep your audience interested.

Talk to them! Print projects are designed for business to speak directly to colleagues, vendors, and potential clients, trade show attendees. You'll also need a dialogue with your printer(s) for estimates and paper recommendations. And you always want at least 2 bid per job—print management is a full time job in itself!


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