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There are three facets to any successful web site: design, content, and programming. Two out of three is not good enough, and programing alone does not a successful site make! The following are examples of web sites that came to dPd with no marketing or design direction included in their initial production.


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1. osCommerce from basic to Elegant!
Built in the osCommerce platform, this site was functional but did not impart the image of a stylish, elegant, high-end product. A logotype was created and a color scheme developed to complement the product. Navigation was simplified with more main page product linking. Specials were prominently offered.

2. Upgrade expansion of product line
This site was built in on a custom platform, but the developers did not place any emphasis on the design or marketing of the products. A logo was developed and a color scheme and style sheet were developed to reflect the product image. A stronger balance and focal point was created with the larger image and smaller accent images.

3. Main page goes from artistic to strong selling
The design offered here included music and flash, and had no images of the products. 98% of the search engine traffic was not going beyond this page. The goal was to intrigue the shopper by making the main page very clickable and showing the full range of products. The top ranked products have main page links, and there is a linked catalogue for quick shopping. Keeping the site high-end, stylish and trendy was integrated with strong brand identity.

4. Product Navigation goes from 4 clicks to two!
The navigation on this site was cumbersome, taking 4 links to get from the main page to any actual products. The accordion navigation bar was also slow. Navigation was changed to a tab style which quickly showed the categories and subcategories and could easily be browsed. The second click takes the shopper to a category page which allows them to visually brows all products in the category.

5. Blog goes from bland template to brand tempting!
This web site was content rich under a generic template that was set up in wordpress. That a web site can be set up quickly in wordpress is both a blessing and a curse! This web site needs to to promote it's high-quality brand to a discerning clientel while imparting profesionalism and confidence in their services.

6. Customize those Youtube, Twitter, Email Blasts & Newsletters
You've spent time and money to get your web site looking attractive to new clients, now create brand continuity by upgrading your social networking pages and any communications from you to your audience.

7. Custom Word Press Templates give a boost to business traffic!
Your Wordpress website deserves the same custom look that other web site businesses cultivate. Your online image is worth the time and effort to make your blog website compelling to online viewers who are making split second decisions about your business.


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