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Bio , Philosophy, & Expertise
Dolores Piazza, Creative Designer & Art Director

Design is more than decoration, it's a thought process evolved into a visual solution. Starting any new project is exciting and engaging.
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I studied art and visual communication in college and from there expanded my skills to include work in web design, film, and multimedia. I believe design solutions comes from asking the right questions. After finding the answers, the design will organically go to fit any medium.

I enjoy the problem solving aspects of design and take all projects through the process of research, insight, connectivity, intuition, and a dash of coincidence.

My goal is to create a solution which enables your business endeavor to grow to it's fullest potential. I see myself as a partner to your business growth.

With over seventeen years experience conceiving and producing solutions for entertainment industry, corporate client design firms, film projects, and ad agencies, I have worked on a wide variety of projects. Creative direction, concept development, visualization, and project management are my strengths. I enjoy managing projects from concept to completion.

In 1999 I took a year off from print advertising and design and attended the American Film Institute as a Digital Media Fellow. It was an intense and exciting year. While I was there to study special effects & title design, I was also able to attend seminars and courses in film production, critiques, theory and more. I attended screenings with many renowned directors. producers and actors who were willing to share their time and insights with us. Though I've always been passionate about film and story telling, the experience at AFI expanded my visual vocabulary in ways I could not anticipate.

   M.A. Digital Media, American Film Institute
   B.A. Fine Art, California State University at Long Beach
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Creative Inspirations
  Milton Glaser, Roger Altman


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