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Not sure about what you want? Not sure how much to budget for a project? Here are some frequently asked questions and concerns regarding the design and pricing of your project.

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Is a web site expensive?
A web site can be built to fit your budget. Web site design and hosting ranges in price from $1000 - $5000. The functionality of the web site defines the price. A web site may also be produced in stages, adding more functions as budget allows and user demand requires.

Do you use templates?
No templates used here! Each design is custom made to the specifications of the job. A concept is not something that can be forced into a template. A concept drives the design, the problem solving associated with the project is what drives the design.

Can you show me something you've done that will resemble my job?
As you take a look around the work presented on this web site you will see many different styles and solutions to projects. Your project, although consistent with the design style presented here, will be unique to your product. In order to get the design process started, we will have a dialogue to determine the goals of your project.

What if I don't like the designs presented?
When reviewing design comps, it's important to remember that what you're looking at is a jumping off point—a visual to begin the dialogue. It's highly unlikely you'll choose the first concept you see. Good design takes communication. So look for the design that evokes an emotion from you, either good or bad and communicate that to your designer.

Can you finish a project someone else has started?
Some projects are unfinished for a reason. Usually the project is ill-conceived, improperly produced, or full of errors. These issues may not be obvious or visual, but for the time it takes the designer to "untangle" the mystery, it may be more cost effective to start over. Also consider, if a project starts out wrong it will cost more money down the road.

I don't have a large budget/how far will my budget go?
The best way to determine your budget is to discuss all the needs of your project. In some instances projects can be staggered, starting with the most basic elements and expanding as budget allows. If you have a fixed budget, it may be helpful to use a "menu" approach where we can give you a list of options for the project and you can select those that will fit into your budget.

The important thing to remember is that spending any amount of money should result in a successful project and one that your satisfied with.

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