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web site design

Define your high standards by bold and artistic choices. Rough ideas and abstract thoughts become conceptual logos which give immediate visual recognition to your company, film, or web site.

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What makes a good logo? A good logo communicates the essence and function of your business. With a consistent follow through in all mediums, logos are the strongest element of your identity and branding package.

Medium defines the design There are times when your logo is translated into different mediums— web design requires a clean quick read, a print design allows more intricate details, and motion graphics give movement to tell the logos story. All logos and icons should quickly communicate identity and function, and may encourage direction.

Coulda been a contender? When looking for a logo, look for a few strong options to choose from. Always look at black and white logos until you've chosen a winner, then start adding color. With color options more is not better. You should only see a few good color combinations for a finalized logo, after that it's just eye candy.

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