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"Thank you so much for all your had work over the past several months. I know it has been a challenge at times, but you have been the consummate professional."
California Health & Longevity Institute

project description: corporate web
site redesign

Give your project impact and sell the story. Turn your catalogues, corporate training, and educational presentations into an intuitive visual experience with DVD's, videos and powerpoint presentations that exceed expectations.

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So you want a DVD and menu design? What 's next? DVD Menu design can includes motion graphics, special effects, and transitions. You'll need a good editor, a graphics manager, and a replication service—and yes, dPd can handle all that for you!

Keep them awake during that presentation! Yes, you can always bring in a carton of strong coffee, but how about trying a new approach? Don't make viewers read and listen to you at the same time. instead, use visuals that let you do the talking while supporting your words with strong imagery.

Main title design is the invitation to  an event! Feature film main titles and credit rolls engage the viewer and begin the visual journey. Think of your titles as the "wheels up" moment.

Create the environment 3D renderings of set designs followed thru to build out services and on-set art direction. Because you've got your hands full already.

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