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Throughout my many projects over the years as well as living life, I've made a few observations about design that I try to live up to. You're welcome to take a looks and if you have a question or a differing viewpoint, let me know.


Multiple variations does not get you any closer to a solution!
The many variations that can be offered with a "click of the mouse" will not make a logo any better. The answer is black and white: it works or it doesn't.

Just because you fall in love with a solution doesn't mean it works!
Some of my favorite designs had to be discarded because they didn't answer the clients need. Who says design won't break your heart?

Design = Organization
That design is about organizing information is a secret that few will tell you. Most like to think of design as a mystical answer that magically appears. Truthfully, that answer appear as only after a lot of work and research.

Start big, add details last
Look at the big picture before ironing out the small details. Be prepared for things to change a long the way. Sometimes it's best not to work sequentially.

All design decisions must be justified
And "it looks good" is neither a justification or a reason to move forward.

The unexpected creates intrigue
Don't forget about the areas that surround the design, the negative and positive space it creates both on the page and in your head.

Narrow focus designs are more appealing
Trying to please and appeal to the largest amount of people makes for a bland and indecisive design. Speak directly to your target audience and they will have a stronger positive reaction to your message.

The concept is the essential idea behind the design
If you don't have a concept, you've only got decoration.

Understand the problem before seeking the solution
Expect the definitions and parameters of any project to change.

Design is storytelling
Your story, your product, your vision are all encoded within your design solution.


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