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Integrating the design and marketing of your web site results in more views and longer visits. As well as providing a visually alluring project, we also build in features that work towards higher search engine rankings.

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Search Engine Optimization
It's important to have solid positioning in the search engines to gain more exposure, which can generate more leads and sales for your company.

The basic goal of Search Engine Optimization is to improve your site's position in the search engines (Google,Yahoo, MSN) to increase targeted traffic to your web site - without your paying for the traffic.

SEO is ongoing and is subject to the various algorithms and technology's of the search engines. Search engines frequently change their ranking technology. To ensure continued success, consistently review of your sites rankings, adwords, and stats is important. Ranking is an organic process and needs plenty of nurture.

A good site has valuable and relevant content related sites to it's search result. Content and it's placement is an important aspect for success from both consumers and search engines.

Our Strategy:
- Recommendations to improve your site's overall structure, content, and popularity
- Modifications of content, quality structure, and creation of ethical link strategies
- Abide by search engine rules so as to not get banned or removed from search engine results.
- No manipulating web site content/link strategy
- No overnight success promised, instead, a consistent evaluation of results

Integration with Google Analytics
Google Analytics assists you in learning where your visitors come from and how they interact on your site. Track visitors from referrers, make informed decisions on content strategy and increase conversions.

Pay Per Click Management - AdWords
Pay Per Click advertising allows any company to rank for keywords related to their products/services. When performing a Google search, you will notice sponsored links appearing on the top and right side of the results. These sponsored links are pay per click advertisers.
• Create ads related to your products and services, keywords/terms
• You know how many people clicked, what they searched for and when.
• You only pay for the traffic that comes to your web site.
• Control maximum payment amounts


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