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dPIAZZAdesign - Notes on Sustainability

We're all aware of sustainability these days, but what does it mean for your marketing design and business? There are many choices to make when marketing your business or project and how you budget your resources to get the most impact.

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Sustainability - Creating a project that is of lasting value
Design is problem solving. Producing the most impact to your message while taking cost and resources into consideration is a challenge that must be addressed. Web design certainly creates a strong message with the least amount of impact on resources. But at times a web site will not answer all your needs. When printed materials, packaging, and signage are necessary, every effort is made to find the most economical and environmentally friendly way to produce them.

Response Ability - Quick and effective response saves your resources!
By taking initiative and quick actions in response to situations we can make your marketing become real-time effective and assure effective broadcast of your message.

The Goal is Clarity - Resources are used wisely!
Design is the effective presentation of information. Design is not decoration, or a last minute addition to content to make it "interesting." Design is about structure, presentation, logic, thought process, communication. Good design includes simplicity, restraint, and harmony while being engaging and creating interest and action.

Social networking - an integral and low-cost aspect of a marketing plan.
There are many tools to take advantage of to promote your business.

Green Business Strategy - Integrate key trends into your business plan!
Sustainable business strategy is an emerging field that can be applied to any business and marketing plan. PIAZZAdirection is prepared to help you in identifying the green marketing challenges and analyzing the opportunities that will emerge in your field.

Renewable Resources - Our promise to you!
We will work with you to conserve resources. From small things such as sending pdfs instead of paper, to working with printers who are using organic inks and recycled paper, we will make every effort to make doing business a positive and renewable experience.


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