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"I want you to know we have received many compliments already about the new look. I appreciate the job you did - especially within the time that you did it."

L. Tremain,
Gourmet Traditions

project description: ecommerce web
site redesign butterbell.com

Ensure your web sites grows to meet new demands with a designed and developed with a strong architecture and visual flair. Web sites for business, entertainment, retail & ecommerce.

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What are you selling? Is it a product, your business services, an intangible asset? Define the focus of your web site before beginning anything else, otherwise you'll spend much time re-inventing the wheel.

Are you keeping up? While styles change quickly in the world of webs, what remains consistent is the desire for quick, uncluttered information. So if you're looking at a web site with a flash intro, to many icons, and a confusing navigation system, you might as well be driving an Edsel. And people won't be buying it!

It's no secret... social networking and blogs are an integral part of your web presence strategy. How much do you need? and how much are you willing to put into your social networking? Make sure you really know, because no social is better than anti-social!

How much tech should you know? As much or as little as you choose! Everyone has a different vision for their web site. Do you want to know all about SEO, blogs vs web sites, image optimization, bounce rates, stats, etc, or would you rather hand off those tasks? You make the decision and the web site is implemented to your needs.


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